Modding Service


Durable, Thin

Cerakote is wear resistant, protecting your gear with style. Applied with a 1-2 mil thickness, it doesn't add weight or affect function. 


Cerakote comes in over 100 unique, vibrant colors to choose from. A color you want doesn't exist? Ask about a custom mix! 

Quality Guarantee

No chipping. No cracking. No flaking. Just a consistent, grippy finish. Each Cerakote job comes with a 1-year warranty for application defects.  


Number Of Colors

1 Color ($65)

2 Colors ($80)

3+ Colors
(+$10 Each)

Color Acquisition (+$15)

Colors not currently in inventory will be ordered in for an acquisition fee.

Custom Color Mix (+$25 each)

Combination of 2 Cerakote colors to produce new color, please prepare desired color's hex code. Test panel will be done to confirm color.

Custom Add-Ons

Stencils (+$20 each)

Application of logo, text, graphic to portion of the mouse. Must provide .svg or .dxf of requested design and information on positioning.

Minimum 2 Colors Required 

Engraving Color Fill (+$35)

Fill the engravings/grooves in a mouse with additional color. Ex. SL-12, XM1

Minimum 2 Colors Required

Hex Hole Coloring (+$35)

Color the hex holes of a mouse with additional color.

Minimum 2 Colors Required

Priority Job (+$50)

You will be contacted within 1-2 business days. Mouse coated same/next day of arrival. 

Must choose Expedited/Express

Modding Add-Ons



- Standard ($5) [5-7 days]
- Expedited ($10) [2-4 days]
- Express ($25) [1-3 days]


- Standard ($15) [1-3+ weeks]
- Expedited ($30-50+) [3-7 days]
- Express ($50-70+) [2-3 days]

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