• What are some of the services that you offer?
    • Mouse Conversions: ZA-13B (G305), XM1 (Viper 8K), KPU (Orochi), NP-01 (G305), NP-01s (G305), MM710 (G305), S2 (Orochi), S2-C (Orochi)
    • Cerakote (Paint), I will be rolling in basic stencil customizations soon
    • Weight reduction
    • Switch, encoder, mouse feet, paracord swaps
    • General tuning
    • Custom inquiries & design (Design commissions currently closed)
  • What don't you do?
    • Major design changes to 3d models, especially those that aren’t designed by me
    • High detail painting, and graphic design for stencils. If you’d like a stencil applied, please have the .dxf or .svg that you’d like prepared.
    • Fully 3d printed mouse assembly commissions

Commission Information

  • Where do I sign up for the commission waiting list?
    • Conversion Commission Waiting List (You can request Cerakote on conversion commissions, don't fill out both forms)
    • Cerakote Commission Waiting List
  • How long do commissions take?
    • Once your order has been accepted or the mice you’ve sent in have arrived, it’ll typically take 1-2 weeks to complete your mouse and an additional 1-2 days to hand it off to the courier.
    • Cerakote, switch, encoder, mouse feet, and paracord services will typically take 2-3 days once the mouse arrives and an additional 1-2 days to hand it off to the courier.
  • What is the current wait time for an assembly commission?
    • I typically will accept around 15-20 commissions in a 2-week cycle. If you’d like an approximate wait time or to check your position in the waiting list just contact me.
  • How much would X cost?
    • The pricing for each conversion/commission will depend on the customizations chosen, most customizations, such as switch swaps, have standardized pricing. Others, like weight reduction, will have a base cost but scale up depending on the extent you’d like to go.
    • Custom 3d designs and conversions are typically very costly. Depending on how complex the project is, the design fee alone can be $300+. Please keep this in mind before contacting me on custom inquiries.

Mouse Information

  • What is the weight of X conversion?
    • The details on weight for each conversion will typically be in the description of the page. For upcoming conversions, I will not know what the weight will be until the initial prototypes are complete. 
  • How long does the battery last?
    • The Enncoo ModKit with a 120 mAh battery will typically last around 1 week of use. This is typically used for USB-C-based wireless conversions.
    • LR44/675 batteries will typically last 1 week.
  • How can I tell if my mouse is charging?
    • Once the mouse is plugged in, an orange LED should be visible in some areas of the mouse. Typically this will be through a crack or through the sensor lens at the bottom.
    • The mouse is fully charged when this orange LED turns off 
  • How can I tell how much power my mouse has left?
    • Unfortunately, there’s no good indicator of when the power is low. This is because lithium batteries output constant voltage, which the G305 and Orochi usually use to find the power left in an alkaline battery.
  • What software do I use for my mouse?
    • GHub for the G305, Synapse for the Orochi based mods

Returns, Refunds & Shipping