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Sapphire Skates | DIY Dot Set

Sapphire Skates | DIY Dot Set

Contains all materials to make a set of 6 Sapphire Skates.


  • 6x Sapphire Watchglass Lens
  • 3x Adhesive Sets
Dot - 7mm x 5.5mm x 1.2mm
*Will fit the majority of feet channels

*Note: Not recommended for hard/glass pads

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Customer Reviews

Based on 3 reviews
Jeff Tonole
The best skates

I've used these on all my favorite mice. They make the glorious I feel like a dream. Might be too fast for super light weigh mice like under 50 grams. But they make medium and heavier gaming mice feel fantastic.

David Dunaway
Double up

These guys are small. I recommend to double up on these and place them in the same feet positions as the stock skates. I can't give any feedback on durability or if these actually are sapphire grade hardness of a 9 mohs but they seem uniform and smooth. For the price I like them a lot.

Cheapest way to try sapphire skates

I was interested in sapphire skates, but saw that they were $50+. These were significantly cheaper, and since I didn't need the case, I opted for this instead of the other listing. The static friction is super low, but the dynamic friction is higher than ptfe, at least on my pulsar es2 mousepad. This was kinda of just an impulse buy because I wanted to try it out and it was definitely a fun experience. If you want to satiate your curiosity without spending $50 on mouse skates, these are the way to go.