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Wireless S2-C | Viper V2 Pro

Wireless S2-C | Viper V2 Pro

Current Lead Time: ~2-3 Weeks (Subject to change)

*Warning: Purchasing this mouse does not guarantee that the Razer Hyperpolling 4kHz Dongle will work with your particular system or a particular game.


Customizable wireless S2-C using the Viper V2 Pro.


Internals Razer Viper V2 Pro
Connection 2.4GHz
Weight  62g ± 2g
Charging USB-C (Front)
Battery 300 mAh
Battery Life 90 hrs (~2 weeks) @ 1kHz
Software Razer Synapse


    1) Sensor position is set ~3-4mm back compared to the original S2-C

    Providing Mice?

    You can contribute mice toward the commission to reduce the total.

    When the order is completed, you'll be contacted with instructions on how to send in your mice.

    Lead Time

    For conversions, there will typically be a 1-2 week lead time from the time of order or from when mice sent in arrive.

    Lead times are subject change depending on the number of orders or incoming material shipping delays.

    Quality Guarantee

    Full 1-year warranty coverage on all custom products. In this period, if there are any manufacturing defects or issues, you may contact us for repair or replacement.

    Even if a commission is out of warranty we will still repair or replace components for a reduced fee.


    Once the mouse is complete, it will be shipped off in 1-2 business days.

    Shipping speed will depend on the option chosen.

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